UPDATE: CJEU Decision on 25. January 2018

We are currently trying to update the 25.000 class members about the outcome of the procedure and the next steps. Unfortunately our current mailing provider ("mailjet") blocks our mailing for unclear and constantly changing reasons and there is no solution in sight with them.
Please understand that we will maybe need a couple of additional days to be able to inform you, as we will have to change the mailing provider. Unfortunately we need to use such a provider, as a "normal" email to 25.000 people would trigger all spam filters. We hope for your patience (complaints? ...we'll happily forward them to "Mailjet"!).

- All documents on the procedure so far
- Fact Sheet about the case as filed in 2014
- Background information BEFORE the CJEU judgement (PDF)
- First Statement on the CJEU judgement (PDF, available from about 9:45)

The first 25.000 participants have already assigned their claims. You can now register as an interested party for the class action against Facebook. Registered users will have priority. A registration comes with no strings attached. More Informaton...

We will inform you about the progress of this case and may send you marketing updates on related projects.

Note: For legal reasons US and Canadian residents cannot participate.